6th World Micromachine Summit




Date: April 10-12, 2000

Place: International Conference Center Hiroshima

1-5, Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan


The Micromachine Summit is an international forum in which the distinguished delegates from around the world discuss and exchange their views and opinions about a variety of issues and problems in promoting micromachine including MEMS and MST.


The 6th Summit was the second gathering in Japan and held in Hiroshima with 15 countries/regions participating. The 6th Summit reviewed the past experience and focus more promoting issues for future.


Participating Countries / Regions

Australia, Benelux (The Netherlands, Belgium) Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mediterranean (Italy, Spain, Greece), Nordic (Sweden, Finland, Norway), Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States


Host Organization

Micromachine Center

5F., Niikura Bldg., 2-2, Kanda-Tsukasa-cho,

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0048 Japan

Tel: 81 3 5294 7131

Fax: 81 3 5294 7137


April 10(Mon)

16:00-18:00     Registration Desk opened on the Lobby of RIHGA Royal Hotels Hiroshima

18:30-20:00      Reception in gDiamond Roomh on 32nd Floor, RIHGA Royal Hotels Hiroshima


April 11(Tue)

   8:30-9:00        Registration at International Conference Center Hiroshima


Opening (9:00 – 9:20)

Opening Remarks: Prof. Naomasa Nakajima, The University of Tokyo

Guest Speech: Mr. Masanori Yoshikai, Deputy Director-General, MITI


Session 1: Country/region review  (9:20 – 12:20)

9:20-9:30     Australia:   Ian Bates, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

9:30-9:40     Benelux: Albert van den BERG, University of Twente

     9:40-9:50     Canada: Dan Gale, Canadian Microelectronics Corporation

   9:50-10:00     China: Zhaoying Zhou, Tsinghua University

10:00-10:10      France:  Daniel Hauden, LPMO - CNRS

10:10-10:20      Germany: Wolfgang Menz, Albert-Ludvigs-Universitat Freiburg

10:20-10:30     Japan: Takayuki Hirano, Micromachine Center

10:30-10:40      Korea:   Sangmo Shin, Korea Electronics Technology Institute

10:40-11:10      Break

11:10-11:20      Mediterranean: Paolo Dario, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

11:20-11:30      Nordic: Jan-Aake Schweitz, Uppsala University

11:30-11:40      Singapore: Loke Chong Lee, Nanyang Technological University

11:40-11:50      Switzerland: Nico F. de Rooij, University of Neuchatel

11:50-12:00      Taiwan: Min-Shyong LIN, Industrial Technology Research Institute

12:00-12:10      UK: Geoff Beardmore, Smiths Industries Aerospace

12:10-12:20      USA: William Tang, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

12:20-14:00      Lunch


Session 2: Government policy (14:00-14:30)

14:00-14:15      Leading speech: gNatural or Forced Collaboration?h

Sami Frassila, Helsinki University of Technology, Nordic

14:15-14:25      Short comments:

gEU 5th Framework Programme & EUREKA - EURIMUS Plans - How to Collaborate in Europeh                 

Gaetan Menozzi, EU

gThe French Actual Position Compared with the Expected Ones Five Years Agoh                 

Daniel Hauden, LPMO - CNRS, France

gExpectations to Government Policy from Industryh

Tsuneo Ishimaru, DENSO CORPORATION, Japan

Session 3: Education (14:30-15:00)

14:30-14:45      Leading speech: gThe Use of Multimedia in Microsystem Educationh

Philippe Fischer, The Swiss Foundation for Research in Microtechnology, Switzerland

14:45-14:55      Short comments:

                             gMEMS / Micromachine Education in Tsinghua Universityh

                            Yong Li and Zhaoying Zhou, Tsinghua University, China

gSchoolchildren and Micromachinesh                 

Naomasa Nakajima, The University of Tokyo, Japan


Session 4: Standardization (15:00-15:30)

15:00-15:15      Leading speech: gStandardization for Microsystemsh  

E. Westkämper, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Germany

15:15-15:25   Short comments:

gShort comments for Standardization: MMC Approachh

Takayuki Hirano, Micromachine Center, Japan

gStandardization - the Aerospace perspective h

Geoff Beardmore, Smiths Industries Aerospace, UK

15:30-16:00      Coffee break


Session 5: Technology transfer (16:00-16:30)

16:00-16:15      Leading speech: gMEMS Technology Transfer and Associated Problemsh

Ronald A. Lawes, Rutherford Applenton Laboratories, UK

16:15-16:25      Short comments:

gMEMS Research in Nanyang Technological University h                 

Mong King Lim, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

gTaiwanfs Approach to MEMS Technology Transfer h                 

Min-Shyong Lin and Ching-Yi Wu, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan

                             gTechnology Transfers at Photonics Research Ontarioh

                                           Marc Nantel, Photonics Research Ontario, Canada


Session 6: Industrial infrastructure (16:30-17:00)

16:30-16:45      Leading speech: gEU Scenarioh                   

Paolo Dario, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Mediterranean

16:45-16:55      Short comments:

                            gToward the Industrialization of MEMSh

                                           Sukhan Lee, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea

g MEMS Commercialization: Taiwanfs Foundry Roleh

Min-Shyong Lin and Ching-Yi Wu, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan


18:30-20:30      Banquet in gRoyal Hallh on 4th Floor, RIHGA Royal Hotels Hiroshima


April 12(Wed)

Session 7: Exploiting of application (9:00-11:10)

9:00- 9:20         Leading speech: gMicrofluidics: Technology, Applications and Opportunitiesh

                                      Chris Lumb, Alberta Microelectronics Corporation, Canada

9:20- 9:40         Leading speech: gExploiting Micro-technology: The Unique Options

Offered by The Australian Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Modelh                 

                                       Clive Davenport, CRC for MicroTechnology, Australia

9:40-10:00        Leading speech: gSocial Industrial Impacth

                                           Zhao Zhengping, Maiteda Microelectronics Technology Co. and

                                  Zhang Wendong, North China Institute of Technology, China

 10:00-10:20       Leading speech: gMarketing Evaluation of the French R and D and 

                           Industry in Microtechnologiesh

                                           Jean-Christophe Eloy, Yole Development, France

  10:20-10:50       Coffee break

 10:50-11:00        Short comments:

gStatus of Fluidic MEMS in USAh

               Nadim Maluf, Lucas Novasensor, USA

gWearable Micromachineh

               Toshiro Shimoyama, Olympus Optical Co. Ltd., Japan

gMEMS Activities in Singapore h                 

Siaw Kiang Chou, National University of Singapore, Singapore

gMicromachine Technology for Korea Industryh

                                           Joong Won Lee, LG Corporate Institute of Technology, Korea

gMEMS for Magnetic Disk Drivesh

               Long-Sheng Fan, IBM, USA


Session 8: Future outlook (11:10-12:25)

11:10-11:25    Leading speech: g Microfluidics in USAh

                                      Albert P. Pisano, University of California Berkeley, USA

11:25-11:40      Leading speech: gMicro Chemical Systems: A Paradigm Shift in the Chemical Industryh

Albert van den Berg, MESA Research Institute, University of Twente, Benelux

11:40-11:55      Leading speech: gNEXUS - Market Forecast & Road Maph

                                       Gaetan Menozzi, NEXUS

11:55-12:10      Leading speech: gCan Micromachines Fulfill our Dreams and Desires?h

                                       Geoff Beardmore, Smiths Industries Aerospace, UK

12:30- 14:00     Lunch

              Leading speech: gStrategies for the 21st Centuryh                 

Naomasa Nakajima, The University of Tokyo, Japan


14:00- 14:15        Overall discussion


14:15- 14:30       Chairmanfs summary


14:30                   Closing


  15:00-21:00    Dinner tour to Miyajima


April 13(Thu)

Technical tour to Osaka (optional): Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


April 14 (Fri)

Technical tour to Nagoya (optional): DENSO CORPORATION