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Micromachine Summit

The 12th Annual Micromachine Summit will be held 27-29 April 2006 in Beijing, China.

11th Annual Micromachine Summit

The Micromachine Summit provided a Micro-Nano Technology snapshot to worldwide industrial, academic and government initiatives. Three to four key people from the most important regions and countries in the Microtechnology arena participated in the Summit. Delegates gathered in a roundtable environment to address topics of special interest and discuss the progress and policies in each country and region. A summary of the event will appear here shortly. Click the photo below to get an enlarged view of the participants.

2005 Micromachine Summit

Summit Objectives

  • Educate and deliver information to the attendees on the current state of the major divisions and integration of micro- and nanotechnology
  • Introduce the attendees to a network of businesses, universities, government agencies, and service providers focused on this technology
  • Provide a forum for world-wide networking with leaders in MicroNano Technologies (MNT)
  • Provide opportunities to showcase regional MNT efforts and facilities

The main sessions will feature reports on activity and initiatives within each region or country. Observers are also invited to attend these sessions, where representatives from these regions will follow their presentation with an interactive question and answer session from delegates

Delegates and observers are selected for participation through the Chief Delegate for their country or region.

2005 Summit Chief Delegates

See the list of all delegates, as well as their biographies on the regional webpages: Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.


The 11th Annual Micromachine Summit is organized by the Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation (MANCEF), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Zyvex Corporation.


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